Case Studies

Fuel Silos

For a 1080MW plant in North Carolina, getting an inspection done on ten bituminous coal silos to help identify risks of failure was critical for maintenance. Learn how Gecko’s portal allowed the plant to exceed expectations in preventative maintenance and provide a longer asset life cycle. Read More.


Forced outages and planning for repairs were causing major issues for a 1300MW power plant in Kentucky. Like most, this plant had only used conventional hand-held NDT inspection methods. Learn how introducing new technology helped them during a critical time with fast turnarounds and 100% coverage. Read More.

Recovery Boiler

Under Deposit corrosion (UDC) is one of the hardest types of corrosion to identify and a common mode of failure in boiler tubes. It’s biggest issue: it can’t physically be seen. Find out how this Georgia paper mill identified the localized corrosion and acted on it. Read More.

Tube Bundles

For cogeneration plants, like AES Warrior Run, eliminating downtime is the name of the game. Forced shutdowns due to tube failures were a major contributor to costly plant downtimes. EVA - Gecko’s laser profilometry robot - paired with the GRIT team were brought in to perform a robotic inspection that resulted in millions of dollars saved. Read More.

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