Boiler Maintenance Optimization

The power plant leveraged high-fidelity data analysis to proactively identify, prioritize, and fix damaged boiler tubes to avoid forced outages.


UT data readings


sq.ft. of severe wastage identified


digital twins of each boiler


  • Manual inspections left large portions of the boilers completely unchecked
  • The plant experienced more than three forced outages each year due to asset failures



  • Data: Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) inspection using TOKA® series robot
  • Platform: Software modules presenting 2D & 3D corrosion maps and digital twin with color-coded thickness measurements, in-depth analysis, and robust reporting including repair recommendations


  • More than 28 million UT data readings were collected between the two boilers
  • The data points populated illustrative maps, models, and digital twins in the Cantilever Platform
  • The data illustrated where immediate repairs needed to be made as well as lower-priority weakened areas
  • The Platform identified more than 65 boiler tubes that were ready to fail before the next planned outage
  • The entire Cantilever process, from robotic inspection and data analysis to repairs being made, was completed within the plant’s five-day outage

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