Gecko Robotics was created to improve safety. This resolve has produced the safest inspection methods in the industry. We accomplish this through following strict policies and practices outlined in our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy handbook.

Safety First

Safety is our highest priority; ensuring this for our employees, clients and other contractors is paramount to Gecko Robotics. Gecko Robotics is dedicated to conducting business in a manner that protects the environment, health and safety of our employees, clients and the public.

Non Confined Space Entry

Our Robots Go Where Humans Cannot

Gecko’s technology allows for inspections to be performed without putting your crew in danger. With enhanced localization, non-CSE inspections are accomplished while still capturing repeatable data in the areas of highest concern.

No Scaffolding Required

Wall Climbing Robots Reach Areas Otherwise Inaccessible

Saving on cost and risk is a no brainer. With up to 1000 lb+ payloads, wall-climbing robots allow for human inspectors to stay on the ground while capturing data hundreds of feet up on tall assets and remove the spend on costly scaffolding and rope access to inspect those hard to reach spaces.

Eliminate Heat Exposure

Robots Keep Humans Away From High Temperatures

Capturing data on high temperature assets adds potential danger to already risky units. Allowing Gecko's TOKA series robot to take on these inspections allows less worry of high temperature burns and risks.

Fewer Crew Members Needed

Minimizing Worker Footprint Minimizes Risk

Through pandemics and overall job-site footprint, Geckos robots and inspection teams allow for 70% reduction in crew team size.

Meeting this commitment is a result of strict management organization. This structure is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements. Our commitment to these policies will allow continual improvement of our service, products and personnel.

Gecko will work with suppliers, contractors and customers to improve EHS practices. We promote and abide by government, industry and public laws, regulations, standards and other programs to protect the community, workplace and environment which we work in. We will work with researchers, educational institutions and industry media to improve and advance EHS for the good of everyone.

Gecko’s dedication to advancing the EHS protocol of the industry is revealed through open communication and dialog with the public and government. Ensuring transparency is essential to improving our own EHS policy and policies within the industry.

Through this dedication to our EHS policies, Gecko Robotics will provide leadership in the field and a personal responsibility to health, safety and the environment.