Wall climbing robots perform non-destructive testing inspections on tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, piping and more. Using specially-designed sensor payloads, the robots can inspect wall thickness, pitting, and many other forms of degradation.

Our robots collect 1,000x more information with continuous data capture at speeds an average of 10x faster than previous methods.

TOKA® Series

With powerful magnetic wheels, our TOKA line of robots are able to rapidly and accurately inspect carbon steel equipment from power boilers, to storage tanks to container ships. Our patented robots are designed and tested for rugged conditions, and are ready to deploy around the world with highly skilled operator teams.

Multi-angle ultrasonic scanning
250 readings / ft (825 / m)
Speeds up to 60 ft/min (18 meters/minute)
Improved localization sensor
24 ultrasonic transducers

Faster Scans

Traditional inspection methods are resource intensive, dangerous, and provide limited actionable data, leaving decision makers with insufficient information to make repairs, set maintenance budgets, and confidently avoid failure. Gecko combines wall-climbing robots with  an AI-powered data platform to provide a unique window into the current and future health of physical assets.

High Res Results

Robots collect millions of data points on the condition of assets, identifying corrosion, cracking, wastage, and other damage. Our software platform translates this data into comprehensive maps, models, and digital twins providing current and predictive insights that simplify decision-making at scale.


Monarch's compact size and modular payloads make it perfect for navigating complex geometries and collecting new data layers. This enables Gecko to inspect and inform on the health of a whole a new class of assets, like aging concrete structures; 1,450 Hydropower plants, 92 Nuclear plants, and 343k Concrete bridges in the US alone.

Advanced Services

Gecko Robotics' Advanced Services give clients a full range of options to achieve data dense inspections on high risk equipment. Phased array robots scan base metal and welds for cracking, blistering, laminations, and other damage at millimeter resolution - providing the information needed to make accurate calls.