Bridging Physical + Digital

Cantilever™ integrates data layers from Gecko’s various robotic and hardware systems into a software platform that offers unparalleled insights into the operational availability of assets. 
Transform your decision making to ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of critical infrastructure with our end-to-end solution.

Your Decisions

By bringing together data layers not previously possible, Cantilever is driving important decisions for customers that increase uptime, decrease costs, and reduce safety issues.

Data layers

A combination of robots, drones, and fixed sensors collect data, which is combined with historical health records, design files, operational data, and other business metrics to create Cantilever data layers.

Data systems

The data layers are processed through Cantilever’s AI-powered analysis engine to determine key insights.


The data is then imported into Cantilever’s software platform to empower customers to make targeted repairs, prioritize capital investments, and shift from reactive to predictive maintenance.


Platform Features

Bridging Physical + Digital