Data for a sustainable, safe, and resilient tomorrow.

Software and hardware to ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of the world’s most important infrastructure.


that inspect

The world’s most advanced ultrasonic inspection robots for understanding the current condition of critical infrastructure. Our proven automated solutions collect data at an unprecedented scale, increase efficiencies, and promote safety.


Software that informs

Enterprise software solutions translate dense inspection data into comprehensive maps, models, and digital twins providing current and predictive insights that simplify decision-making at scale.


Solutions for
every industry

Gecko is helping hundreds of customers around the world digitize and optimize operations in energy, manufacturing, government, maritime, and beyond.


Gecko’s end-to-end solution transforms sustainment with a proactive approach to increase readiness, maximize workforces, and identify and fix hidden flaws before they impact operational capabilities for the decision advantage.


Optimize operations with a predictive maintenance approach to ensure asset reliability and seamless productivity today and in the long term.

Oil & Gas

Gain visibility into the current and future asset health to save significant maintenance costs, resources, and time while extending the safe and reliable use of refinery infrastructure.


Reduce forced outages and ensure consistent and reliable energy production through full coverage robotic inspection, data visualizations, and actionable insights.


Leverage high-quality, full-coverage data insights to reduce time and resources spent in maintenance cycles.

"With Gecko, we can stop these outages from happening by making smarter repairs, which at the end of the day is what improves energy reliability and affordability for our customers.”

Steve Friend

Plant Manager, American Bituminous Power

"Gecko is on the frontlines of making sure the assets we rely on are ready if called upon - both today and tomorrow."

Trae Stephens

Partner, Founders Fund

"Cantilever is designed to become the primary operating system for the physical world"

Jake Loosararian

CEO, Gecko Robotics


Our Vision
for the Future

We are developing advanced software, robotics, and other technologies that play a vital role in creating a smart, safe, and resilient future for all.

Integrity. Reliability. Readiness.

Transforming decision making to ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of critical infrastructure.