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Our world demands critical infrastructure be reliable. Inspection and maintenance are mainstays in achieving this outcome. As the leader in robot-enabled ultrasonics, Gecko Robotics delivers comprehensive inspections giving an unprecedented understanding of asset health. Skilled NDT inspectors wielding best-in-class equipment and supported by cloud-based processing is The Gecko Advantage.

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Dealing with hazardous chemicals that may be toxic, explosive, or under high pressure leaves zero room for error. Adhering to inspection protocols while minimizing human exposure to these chemicals improves the safety of plant personnel while achieving reliability objectives.


Municipal, transportation, and defense sectors must serve the public at all times while often in very high-performance scenarios. The use of robotics allows departments to effectively inspect what previously resulted in disruption of services. Due to the bespoke nature of these challenges, our in house R&D team is often called upon to find novel solutions.


TOKA®  Flex

Our most advanced robot to-date, is equipped to find and collect the critical inspection data you need to make preventative and predictive maintenance decisions. It is a system that is creative, yet disciplined, rugged, yet pliable - in a word flexible.

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TOKA® Series

Wall-climbing robots perform non-destructive inspections on tanks, boilers, scrubbers, piping, and more. Using specially-designed sensor payloads, TOKA robots can inspect wall-thickness, pitting, and many other forms of degradation. Our robots collect 1000x more information with continuous data capture at speeds an average of 10x faster than previous methods.

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Gecko Portal®

All of your inspection data is intuitively presented in 2D & 3D within our cloud-based organizer. Thickness filters allow for quick identification of high-wear areas and inspection-to-inspection differencing lets you calculate erosion rates to determine when your asset will cross T-min. Annotate and download your reports, and data, in PDF and Excel formats.

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Inspection Methods

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Magnetic Induction

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Ultrasonic Testing

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Visual Inspection

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Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG)

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Magnetic Particle

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Liquid Penetrant

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Our team of certified NDT II/III inspectors are trained and equipped to apply multiple NDT/NDE methods to any scenario. While our core robotic technology relies on ultrasonics, we can deploy PT, MT, MFL, electromagnetics, and visual techniques to meet any standard or regulation.

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What is High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) And Who is at Risk?

On April 2, 2010, at the Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company in Anacortes, Washington, employees were in the final stages of bringing three of six heat exchangers back online. The work was routine, performed every six months to address fouling that is common in vessels operating under such conditions.

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What is High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) And Who is at Risk?


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Automating NDE Tools for Non-Intrusive Inspections

Updated inspection tools are putting the "Holy Grail" of truly non-intrusive inspections within reach. Modernization and automation of onstream inspection tools within non-intrusive inspections have been years in the making. Tools utilized in these safer, cleaner, are more cost-effective in detecting specific damage mechanisms: cracking, hydrogen damage, corrosion, etc. Join Quinn Holub, Technical Manager at Gecko Robotics, for Automating NDE Tools for Non-Intrusive Inspections (NII), as he dives into the advantages of NII for fixed equipment via API 510 and the toolsets that make these inspections successful.

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Automating NDE Tools for Non-Intrusive Inspections

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Case Studies

ID Localized Corrosion

At the beginning of a 6-unit coal-fired power plant’s relationship with Gecko Robotics, plant personnel were struggling with the manual discovery of hydrogen damage brought on by ID Localized Corrosion.

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Case Studies

Asset-by-asset examples of the benefits of RUG and Advanced Ultrasonics inspections from our past inspections.


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