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The world depends on the reliable and efficient operation of the physical assets that control critical sectors, including power, manufacturing, oil and gas, municipal, defense, aerospace, and beyond.

Gecko Robotics’ combination of hardware and software solutions help the world’s most important organizations ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of their critical infrastructure.

A Turnkey Robotic Solution

Through leading detection, visualization, and analytical capabilities, we’re advancing the collective knowledge of how our infrastructure is aging to inform next steps and extend asset life cycles.

Robots that Inspect

The world’s most advanced ultrasonic inspection robots for understanding the current condition of critical infrastructure. Our proven automated solutions reduce time and labor, promote safety, and provide high-quality point-level data.

Software that Informs

Enterprise software solutions translate dense inspection data into comprehensive maps and models, providing current and predictive insights that simplify decision-making at scale.

Visualize. Analyze. Decide.

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Permanent rare earth magnetic wheels for strong asset surface adhesion.
Front and Rear HD driving cameras provide the operator with visuals for maneuvering through environments and for capturing the asset's surface condition during the inspection.
Equipped with 24 single beam pulse-echo ultrasonic testing (UT) immersion transducers for inspection data collection.
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A Trusted Industry Partner

Maintaining assets in caustic environments requires a unique set of advanced tools for identifying damage - find it at the earliest stages with millimeter resolution.

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More Data. Less Downtime.

Power generation facilities depend on the safe and reliable operation of large scale assets for continual energy production. Robotic inspections provide the efficiency and data density necessary to prevent unplanned outages and reduce downtime.

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Visibility into the Future

Assets in pulp & paper facilities operate at high temperatures in corrosive environments. Our solutions tolerate high temperatures without taking assets offline.

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