Cantilever summary

Transforming Sustainment with a Decision Advantage

Gecko’s integrated sustainment solutions combine wall-climbing robots, industry-leading sensors, and an AI-powered data platform to advance confident decision-making for safe, secure mission readiness of the government’s most critical assets and weapons systems.

With Gecko’s next-gen technology and AI-powered analysis, the U.S. Navy can significantly reduce lead times, man-hours, safety risks, and unscheduled maintenance of surface ships to avoid unexpected time in drydock and ensure mission readiness.

Our data analysis platform empowers the Navy to quickly identify and monitor issues through comprehensive data visualizations and predictive modeling. The data can be utilized to prioritize maintenance plans to get ships out of drydock on schedule, maximize operational availability, and extend the lifecycles of ships.

Gecko is helping the Navy keep ship availability on schedule by reducing the time required for flight deck, hull, and rudder assessments. In a recent inspection, Gecko reduced lead times for hull inspections by 36 days and caisson inspections by 11 days. The inspection also drastically reduced man hours, equating to 575 equivalent drydock days saved annually across the fleet. The Navy can reallocate its skilled workers to more value-added, critical activities for a combat-ready force.

Gecko’s unprecedented insights reduce risks by ensuring Air Force programs stay on schedule and within budget while extending asset life cycles to eliminate a deterrence gap for fortified national security.

Gecko Robotics was awarded a contract by the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center to help modernize U.S. nuclear missile silos across the country as part of the $100 billion Sentinel Program – protecting and building a system that is safe, reliable, and capable at any given moment. The Sentinel program will replace 400 active Minuteman III missiles in the existing infrastructure, which have been in service for more than 50 years.

Gecko’s intelligent systems and comprehensive analysis generate digital twins of all existing missile silos, helping to make the Sentinel program a best-in-class standard by applying the new Condition Based Maintenance+ (CBM+) requirements to assets the Department of Defense has owned and operated for several decades.

Renewable energy sources – including wind, solar, nuclear, biomass, and hydroelectric power – are vital in achieving cleaner and more sustainable energy production. As efforts are made to reach a net-zero future, our existing infrastructure must maintain operations to ensure global energy security.

Gecko’s data analysis platform provides a comprehensive understanding of our decades-old hydroelectric and nuclear energy infrastructure, ensuring systems continue functioning seamlessly for uninterrupted service. Gecko Robotics is bringing transparency to renewable energy infrastructure to provide confidence in the reliability of these assets.

Robots that Inspect

Gecko provides the world’s most advanced ultrasonic inspection robots for decoding and understanding the current condition of critical infrastructure. Our proven automated solutions reduce time and labor to uplevel skilled workforces, promote safety, and provide the highest quality data to improve infrastructure, extend asset life cycles, and empower better decision making

Software that Informs

Our enterprise software solutions translate dense inspection data into comprehensive maps and 3D models, providing real-time understanding and predictive insights that accelerate decision-making at scale. Unprecedented insights enable decision advantage to solve complex problems for increased mission readiness through our secure software platform.

Missions that Succeed

Gecko Robotics provides a turnkey, connected solution to revolutionize decision-making, supporting the U.S. government and allies in accomplishing the most complex and vital missions worldwide. Together, we are creating safer, more secure systems that are capable, reliable, and operationally ready to maintain global security.


Integrity. Reliability. Readiness.

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