Gecko Portal

Before we developed a robotic solution, it wasn't feasible to get a full picture of your entire asset. With multiple crews and hand checking every inch of an entire boiler, it still seemed nearly impossible.

Gecko Vision 3D

Reviewing your asset across multiple dimensions, and angles just got easier.

Gecko Vision's 3D capability provides a more intuitive, realistic view of your data.


Web Portal 3 selects and highlights important metrics from your inspections.

Want to survey water-wall tube data?
Quantify all points with thickness readings below desired levels and identify areas of mass degradation.

Thickness Filter

Faster maintenance and repair.

Now with the ability to filter thickness maps for data below your desired threshold; allowing you to review areas of greatest need first.


With annotation abilities, uncertainty in your asset deliverables are a thing of the past.

Icons and images mark specific areas on your data to help during review and allow you to focus on relevant data.

Experience Gecko Portal

At the end of inspections, we're able to present an entire interactive map of your entire asset within 24 hours. This not only shows you a heat map of your asset's functional health, but allows you to view exactly where those problem areas are with exact measurements and HD visuals.