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Data to improve Industrial Base production, operational availability, and mission readiness.

Build Digital Baselines, Modernize Sustainment, Increase Mission Readiness

Gecko’s dual-use technology transforms how defense assets are built, operated, and maintained. Reduce maintenance backlogs and increase readiness with Cantilever™, a rapidly deployable solution that combines advanced robotics and AI-powered software to accelerate modernization and decision making at scale.

From surface fleets to nuclear submarines and missile silos, use data to understand the health of critical defense assets at every stage of the life cycle.


digital baselines




mission readiness

Improving Surface Fleet Readiness

The U.S. Navy’s surface fleet requires high operational availability, but unscheduled maintenance can lead to delays and maintenance backlogs. Gecko’s Cantilever availability scheduling and repair planning software modules are fed by high-fidelity, robotically encoded assessment data of flight decks, hulls, and other vessel components. The full-coverage, highly precise data layers generate data-rich digital twins and predictive models to digitize the surface fleet and help the Navy move to a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM+) program.

Gecko’s work with the Navy has led to a reduction in growth work, assessment days, lead time, and man-hours required during availability, increasing mission readiness.

Establishing an As Built Digital Baseline

Gecko’s technology supports the U.S. Defense Industrial Base by automating and streamlining the assessment process during manufacturing. Robots perform full coverage, volumetric scans of weld seams during production to create an as built digital baseline for newly constructed assets, including Columbia Class submarines.

Creating a digital record for lifecycle analysis changes how nuclear submarines and other critical defense assets are built, operated, and maintained.

Supporting the Transition to Sentinel

Gecko is supporting the U.S. Air Force’s transition to the Sentinel Program by providing the necessary data to modernize the design and management of these platforms. Our automated robots complete concrete and steel liner assessments of over 400 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silos. That data reveals the health of these structures and helps improve finite element analysis on the underlying infrastructure, creating digital twins and data layers accessible in Cantilever.

The Sentinel Program can apply digital engineering practices and build upon this data layer in subsequent maintenance availabilities, using data to ensure the program runs on time and budget over the next several decades.

Customer Story: Flight Deck

Discover how the U.S. Navy leveraged Cantilever to address maintenance delays in their surface fleet. Gecko’s robots scanned the entire flight deck in 12 hours and used that data to generate a repair plan in minutes - a process that would typically take 36 man-days.

Armed with this information, the port engineer made data-driven decisions on how to better utilize limited resources.


reduction in lead times


hour reduction in man-power


day reduction in assessment times

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