Digitalization Solutions for Maritime Vessel Inspections

Data to reduce time spent in maintenance cycles. Insights to optimize operability.

Ensure On-Time Maintenance with Actionable Analytics

Drive efficiencies and increase vessel availability with Cantilever™ – Gecko’s turnkey, data-driven solution that accelerates decision making at scale. Our full-service solution rapidly collects, integrates, and analyzes robust data layers to deliver actionable precision maintenance plans for today and predictive maintenance insights for the future.

Empower your teams with high-quality data insights across all levels to see, understand, collaborate, and act on critical data for faster, in-depth inspections and reliable vessels.‍

Gain Complete Visibility with Advanced Robotics

The first step in the Cantilever process is to collect complete, high-fidelity data layers. Our suite of automated robotic solutions makes inspections safer and more efficient by performing non-destructive testing inspections. The collected data builds full-coverage, highly precise data layers that power our enterprise analytics tools.

Gecko’s robots collect 1,000x more data at speeds 10x faster than traditional methods. High-quality data coverage means confident next steps.

Millions of Data Points - Made Useful

Our asset management software translates your data into actionable insights through comprehensive digital twins, predictive models, and repair plans. The Cantilever Platform simplifies data to empower real-time decision making with current-state analysis and AI-powered predictive insights for entire fleets.

  • Interactive 3D digital twins
  • Predictive analytics
  • Precision repair plans delivered within 24-48 hours of inspection
  • One source of truth for all past, present, and future inspection data and repair records

Shift from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Robotic inspection

Solutions for All Maritime Assets

Ship Decks

Gecko's corrosion mapping solution pinpoints specific locations where corrosion has caused thinning on ship decks.


The hull is a critical part of a vessel’s structure. Gecko’s robots collect robust data sets quickly and safely to ensure hazardous damage is accurately identified and addressed.


Identify precise damage mechanisms with Gecko’s robotic technology platform to ensure repairs are promptly addressed before issues occur.

Transform to a Predictive Maintenance Approach

Cantilever integrates Gecko’s high-fidelity data layers, historical records, process data, and subject subject matter expertise into one system for unparalleled clarity.

Applications to Achieve Your Goals

  • Inspection Planning
  • Digital Repository
  • Repair Optimization
  • Repair Prioritization
  • Work Planning
  • Budgeting & Planning

Customer Story: Flight Deck

Discover how Gecko helped the U.S. Navy overcome one of its biggest challenges -- ship availability. Utilizing our high-fidelity corrosion mapping solution, the Navy was able to perform faster inspections, going from what used to take 36 man-days to just minutes to complete.

Transform Your Inspection and Maintenance Strategy

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