API 653 - Storage Tank Inspection

Supercharge your API 653 Inspections

A thorough tank inspection is critical to prevent leaks, failures, and unexpected maintenance costs. Gecko Robotics brings a fresh perspective and a suite of robot-enhanced NDT tools to deliver the most comprehensive API 653 inspection on the market.

Our API 653 protocols satisfy any combination of internal, external, and deferral inspections. A comprehensive API 653 comprises an external visual inspection, internal floor inspection, external shell inspection, and strip-scan roof inspection.  

Major benefits of inspecting with Gecko are:
Inspect the entire tank in a handful of shifts, without the need for scaffolding or man lifts.
Complete set of NDT tools to detect flaws, corrosion, cracking, and damage.
Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) and Rapid AUT (R-AUT) inspections for high-definition corrosion mapping of tank shells and roofs.
Tank floor inspections using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) for the critical zone, non-CSE options available.

History Review

The service and inspection history of the tank is reviewed to deploy appropriate Gecko resources.

Serviceability Assessment

Safe fill heights, settlement surveys, 3D laser analysis, T_min assessment, inspection intervals, remaining life, and corrosion rate determination.

Gecko Portal

All reports, alongside interactive data-maps, are available online 24/7 for maintenance review and planning.

Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding

Complete ultrasonic gridding of roof, shell, floor, and critical zone to determine general thinning and map areas of corrosion.

Magnetic Flux Leakage

Detection and grading of top side and bottom side features.

Visual Inspection

Identify any structural abnormalities, leaks, coating failures, or areas of concern for closer NDE.

More Coverage.
More Confidence.

Gecko brings the simplicity of a single vendor to complete your API 653 inspection program using best-in-class methods and experienced inspectors. Our superior data density arms your team with the knowledge to make confident maintenance decisions.