Rapid Automated Ultrasonic Testing (R-AUT) Inspections

Precision Powered by Phased Array

When precision matters, operators turn to AUT to dive deeper into areas of corrosion and other trouble. Due to current technologies' production speed and cost, AUT is usually deployed on small areas.

But, not anymore! Gecko's engineers have designed Rapid AUT (R-AUT) to overcome this challenge. Taking advantage of PAUT technology, R-AUT covers up to 600 ft2 (56 m2) in one 12-hour shift with millimeter resolution. This is 5x the speed with significantly improved data density.


Over 94,000 thickness readings/ft2 (over 1 million readings/m2).


5x faster than conventional AUT.


Localized corrosion, pitting, lamination, and blistering.


Up to 400°F (200°C) to accomplish on-stream & pre-turnaround inspections.


Tanks, spheres, pressure vessels, or piping as small as 4” (10 cm) in diameter.

RUG Pairing

Pair Rapid AUT with Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding on large inspection scopes.

Data-Dense Readings, Fast!

Utilizing PAUT probes, Rapid AUT indexes over a large area as it rasters, resulting in over 5x speed and 12x more data.

Need proof? Using a 1mm x 1mm grid, Rapid AUT can cover a 5' x 2'  (1.5 x 0.6 m) surface in only 3 minutes vs. 14 with conventional AUT.This data can be used for fitness-for-service evaluations, finite element analysis, RBI assessments, and more.

Combining Inspection Methods for a More Comprehensive Result

By pairing Rapid AUT and Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding, we're able to offer the newest NDT technology alongside traditional NDT methods. The Gecko Robotics Inspection Team (GRIT) can deliver the most comprehensive inspection that stays true to the asset under inspection. We take full accountability for each technique deployed and provide an integrated report to save you time and money.