API 570 - Piping System Inspection

Detailed and Customizable API 570 Inspections

Piping systems in refineries, power plants, or chemical facilities are an intricate web of connected process units and equipment. API 570 inspections can be a challenge without a strategic, detailed, and comprehensive plan.

Whether you're undertaking a complete API 570 inspection on a time interval or looking to conduct just one portion of your Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program, Gecko’s services are tailored to your objective.  

Our team of API inspectors specializes in deploying robotic inspection techniques and interpreting the data to provide comprehensive assessments and monitoring plans.

Major benefits of inspecting with Gecko are:
Reduce the need for scaffolding or man lifts.
Remotely operated equipment to follow piping across the site without obstructing facility operations.
Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) and Rapid AUT (R-AUT) platforms can inspect piping systems from 4 in (10 cm) OD and above.

History Review

The service and inspection history of the piping system is reviewed to deploy the appropriate Gecko resources.

Serviceability Assessment

MAWP determination, T_min assessment, inspection intervals, remaining life, and corrosion rate determination.

Gecko Portal

All reports, alongside interactive data-maps, are available online 24/7 for maintenance review and planning.

Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding

Complete ultrasonic gridding of assets to determine general wall thinning and map areas of corrosion.

Phased Array UT

Find defects in welds and heat-affected zones (HAZ) and perform high-definition corrosion mapping.

Visual Inspection

Identify any structural abnormalities, faulty supports, leaks, coating failures, or areas of concern for closer NDE.

More Coverage.
More Confidence.

Gecko Robotics' API 570 program is the most comprehensive and advanced inspection protocol in the industry. Using robots and technicians together, inspecting entire piping systems has never been safer, easier, or faster.