Rho impact

Energy Infrastructure

New research explores the impact of robotic-powered digitization on critical energy generation infrastructure


Max CO2 emissions reduction


Per Unit Reduction Potential

275 TWh

Energy Lost Annually
Without Digitization


Independent, third-party researchers at Rho Impact recently evaluated the impact of robotic inspections and energy infrastructure digitization on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas and coal power plants provide the bulk of the global power generated for electrical grids; however, this critical infrastructure is aging, leading to forced outages. These outages threaten plants' ability to reliably produce energy on demand and typically lead to increased CO2 emissions through the use of back-up generation. This study finds that, by decreasing the occurrence of forced outages, robotic inspections and decision-making software can provide tangible environmental benefits as they are rapidly adopted.


Digitization & Sustainability

There’s a growing body of research showing that digitization of the built world is leading to emissions reductions hidden within our infrastructure.

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Availability. Reliability. Sustainability.

For more information, here’s the full report and data.