Pulp & Paper

Storage Tank Inspections

Tanks Store Chemicals Involved in the Pulping Process

Making pulp and paper requires a lot of chemicals, water, steam, and storage. In paper mills, tanks function as the workhorse of the mill, storing product, process chemicals, water, and other substances for use in the process.

While tanks require frequent, intensive inspection, many mills don’t have consistent programs in place to ensure tank integrity. Gecko can provide visual inspection and integrity checks at important weld lines and perform 100% UT scans to within 0.5” from the shell/floor interface.

Before Gecko, traditional tank inspection involved building costly scaffolding and rope access, so human inspectors may reach all areas of the tank, and utilized inferior technology that can fail to provide an adequate picture of the tank integrity. Gecko can also perform inspections while tanks are online, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling inspections.

Gecko’s teams inspect tanks with our robots, ensuring detailed, full coverage NDT without building costly infrastructure.

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We believe in using the best tools for the job. That's why we build our own robots.

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Our robots feed data to our software. Patented deliverables provide the most complete assessment and predicts future failures of your asset.

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A Gecko Robotics Inspection Provides:

1000X More Data

Certified Inspection Teams (UT Levels I, II, & III)

Turnaround in less than 24 hours

3D deliverable thickness map

Robotic and traditional hand held inspections

Intuitive web portal for in-depth data review

No need for costly scaffolding

150+ thickness readings per square foot (1600+ per square meter)

Full inspection of your silo in only 1 shift


Storage tanks are subject to erosion from outside forces, along with the variable rate of corrosion based on the material it possesses. Failures in storage tanks can be catastrophic; regularly scheduled inspections are the key to preventing tank failure.

Our robotic ultrasonic inspections cover every inch of the tank, giving you a clear picture of your most concerning areas, before disaster happens.

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