Best Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing (NDE/NDT) Resources to Follow in 2021

New Year; New Developments

Nondestructive testing and evaluation (NDT/NDE) techniques used to evaluate the condition or properties of materials, systems, and components have dramatically advanced through the decades.

As NDT/NDE is deployed across a broad range of industries, finding information specific to your interests or application may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. However, with a new year’s resolution of staying in the know, these credible, current, and engaging news and information resources can serve many, or all sectors within the NDT/NDE field, whether your preferred format is academic journals, podcasts, magazines, or blogs. 

Here are your 2021 recommendations for a diverse selection of media that deliver the latest news, research, and advancements in NDT/NDE.

Inspectioneering Journal

Inspectioneering Journal Image

With a tagline of “asset integrity intelligence,” Inspectioneering is an easy-to-navigate resource for professionals in the petroleum and process industries. A key feature of the website is its “Integripedia,” which is designed as a free, encyclopedia-esque resource for oil and chemical personnel. Similar to Wikipedia, Integripedia offers a “contribution” input function that allows users to submit data or suggest modifications (requires users to make a free account). Though any topic is searchable, the Integripedia landing page homes in on several clickable categories, which include inspection, corrosion and materials and nondestructive testing. For NDT, it provides a wealth of information about both conventional and advanced techniques, diving into different methods, how they work, industry applications, and some high-level advantages and disadvantages. For

Membership to Inspectioneering includes access to case studies, journal archives—online editions dating back to 1995— videos, articles, a company directory, and more.

ASNT Pulse & ChatNDT with ASNT 

ASNT Pulse & ChatNDT Graphic

For those who prefer to listen rather than read, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) digital library’s “Chat NDT with ASNT” podcast features expert interviews that cover all topics relevant to NDT, from the next generation of NDT to how to survive an NDT audit. Featured guests include ASNT leaders, scholars, and practitioners who share information about the industry, latest research, new technology, and other news in the field of NDT.

Chat NDT also includes dictation of articles so users can listen to them on demand. Conveniently, podcasts are available for download free on the ASNT site, Apple Store, and Google Play, and updates may be subscribed via email or Facebook.  A new blog is in the works—ASNT Pulse—which currently has an open call for guest authors.

POWER Magazine

POWER Magazine Graphic

POWER Magazine’s wide umbrella covers news and technology related to coal, gas, distributed energy, nuclear, renewables, and more. However, a user can easily narrow their focus by utilizing the search function, which surfaces dozens of news and in-depth feature articles relevant to NDE and NDT. Examples include Coal Silo Failures Reveal the Need for NDE Inspection, Leveraging Drones and Robots for O&M Savings, and Ultrasonic Testing for the Power Generation Industry. Readers may appreciate the relaxed, easy-reading writing style and accompanying images.

On top of a vast archive of blog posts, podcasts, videos, webinars, events, and white papers, POWER publishes daily news articles, as well as a free monthly print and digital issue.


CORROSION Journal Graphic

For cutting-edge research and findings from the academic community, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers’ (NACE) CORROSION is a 75-year-old journal that publishes technical articles from the world’s leading corrosion researchers, from metallurgy and material properties to experimental techniques affecting a wide range of industries. While subscriptions are paid, each journal has a series of free, open access articles. Though content errs on the side of technical, following CORROSION enables stakeholders to follow advancements in their respective industry sectors from inception.

API - Energy Tomorrow Blog

API Energy Tomorrow Blog

The American Petroleum Institute, the trade organization representing all segments of the U.S. oil and natural gas industry, maintains one of the most extensive energy-focused blogs. While not specific to NDE/NDT, the Energy Tomorrow Blog offers current news and analysis relevant to oil and natural gas, with an emphasis on policy and regulation. The blog is searchable by topics ranging from infrastructure to energy source to jobs, as well as by author, month, and year.

In today’s constantly changing energy landscape, Energy Tomorrow is an efficient, credible way to stay informed and engaged.

Gecko Robotics Blog

Gecko Robotics Blog Graphic

For real examples of industrial NDE/NDT applications with a focus on cutting-edge robotic inspections, be sure to subscribe to Gecko Robotics’ blog. Illustrated with stunning images, video clips, and detailed graphics, posts find a balance between expository and technical writing, with topics focusing on inspection strategies and recommendations, trends, and innovation. Posts often feature in-the-field examples of asset inspections, and, for further information and guidance on the post topic, links to relevant, in-depth webinars or other content are provided.

In short, staying informed of new or evolving technologies, research, and news in the NDT/NDE field will prepare you for all the challenges 2021 may present. Happy viewing, listening, and reading.

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