Rapid Auto Weld (RAW) Inspections

Establish a Digital Baseline

Critical assets deserve superior data. With Rapid Auto Weld inspections, establish a baseline of weld health for newly constructed or in-service assets. Digitization of weld data creates a historical and referable record of indications and defects that may impact the service life of the asset.

A reliable baseline enables decision-makers to optimize maintenance, planning for current and future repairs and conserving resources.

Pairing with TOFD

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) operates on the same robotic platform for increased sensitivity to cracking

Hydrogen Damage Detection

Leading crack detection technology including HIC, SOHIC, and HTHA


Up to 50x faster than conventional weld inspection, covering up to 1,000 linear feet (305 linear meters) in a shift

Ensuring Newly Constructed Columbia Class Submarines are Mission Ready

The U.S. Navy turned to Gecko to modernize the construction process for the $132 B Columbia Class nuclear submarine program. Rapid Auto Weld inspections are being used to decrease assessment times, reduce expenditures, and create a digital baseline of weld health.

Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability, Accessibility

Turn to Rapid Auto Weld (RAW) inspection for efficient and digitized weld data collection, analysis, and visualization. Equipped with phased array UT, the robot travels linearly and captures data from both sides of the weld. This ensures full coverage, high fidelity data collection of the seam and heat affected zone (HAZ), identifying defects such as lack of fusion (LOF), porosity, slag, inclusions, and cracking and other indications at millimeter resolution. Specialized encoders track the robot’s location as it scans, allowing for repeatable inspections to compare data over time.