Spiral Wound Boiler Waterwalls

A global oil and gas leader utilized Gecko Robotics’ robust inspection data to save over one million dollars in replacement costs.


saved with targeted repairs instead of replacement


million UT data readings


sqft (5.6 sqm) scanned per minute


  • Manual inspection of a spiral wound boiler with multi-lead rifle tubing left large gaps in coverage
  • Conventional UT cannot effectively differentiate the wall thickness between the ribs and gaps of internal rifling
  • A potential tube lead could cause forced outages and wall replacement costs totaling upwards of $5 million


  • Full-coverage Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) inspection using TOKA® 4 robotic platform
  • Gecko Portal® software


  • No scaffolding or dedicated company resources required
  • Nearly 15 million UT data readings obtained
  • Saved the plant several million dollars in replacement costs by pinpointing areas in need of repair
  • RUG's specialized narrow beam immersion transducers reliably differentiated between rib and gap thickness to provide accurate UT readings

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