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Our operators, certified level I, II, and III NDT inspectors, control wall climbing inspection robots to perform non-destructive testing on tanks, boilers, scrubbers, piping and more. Using different inspection payloads, the robots can inspect wall thickness, cracking, pitting, and other forms of degradation. With continuous data capture, robots can collect 1000x more information while also performing the inspection on average 10x faster than previous methods.

PC Inspection: Spring 2017
Gecko's robots can climb high! During an inspection at Hoosier energy, our robots climbed a record 120 linear feet per run as they performed UT and visual inspection on Hoosier’s pulverized coal boiler.
250MW PC Boiler Inspection
Gecko’s robots performed visual and ultrasonic inspection on 250MW PC boiler, taking data at each inch and analyzing visuals to reveal defects. Our teams inspected the boiler in 5 shorter days than traditional methods, producing a 1000 times more data.
FBHE Inspection
In this video, Gecko’s EVA 2.0 robot inspects evaporator assemblies within Warrior Run’s fluidized bed heat exchanger. EVA could reach spaces as tight as 2 inches, and depths of 20 feet, using her laser to measure tube loss. EVA inspected 34 evaporator assemblies in only 4 short days.
Lower Slope Inspection
Gecko’s teams performed visual and UT inspection on the lower slope of Southern Co.’s PC boiler. They collected thickness data at every inch, and inspected 8 tubes at a time. Overall, they checked 1000 tubes at 3 angles in only 2 short shifts, and Gecko Vision provided the client with a 3D thickness map of this data.
PC Boiler Inspection
Time lapse of 3 Gecko inspection robots crawling along the water wall of a PC boiler, collecting thickness data as they climb.
Pulverized Coal Inspection
In this video, Gecko Robotics Inspection Teams (GRIT) inspect a pulverized coal boiler without the need for scaffolds. Our robots climb this boiler at a rate of 60 feet per minute, collecting data and reducing downtime by producing an easy to read, color coded map.
Boiler Inspection
Here, we see two robots working to inspect a boiler’s tubes. Two robots are better than one, as they increase inspection speed and decrease downtime by providing full coverage data that reflects height, thickness, tube number, and angle.
Tank Inspection
This video shows one of Gecko’s robots climbing up and down a tank, collecting thickness data as it goes, and populating this data in a presentable, 3D thickness map.
Propane Tank A2 Inspection
Here, we see a Gecko Robotics inspector guiding one of our inspection robots as it performs non-destructive testing on the outside of a propane tank. Note how our inspector shifts the robot to avoid obstacles.
Propane Tank
In this video, one of Gecko’s inspection robots scans the circumference of a propane tank.
Diesel Tank
In this video, Gecko Robotics Inspection Team performs ultrasonic testing on a large diesel tank, gathering data from the top to the bottom.
Fuel Silo Inspection
Fuel Silos can be inspected externally, while full to ensure that both corrosion and erosion are identified early.
SDA Inspection
Gecko Robotics can inspect sprayer dryer absorbers without the need for costly scaffolding. Our robots capture thickness data at 1 feet per second, which decreases downtime and gathers better, more in depth data that reflects height, thickness, and angle. Gecko’s teams inspected the full SDA in only 2 short shifts.

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