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Digester Inspections

Digesters begin the process of pulping

Digesters are the lifeblood of any pulping operation, kicking off the process both of creating pulp and also creating black liquor that fuels the mill. However, operating at high pressure and high temperature while being subject to caustic chemicals creates risks for the mill.

In order to mitigate these risks, regular digestor inspection is required in order to identify issues prior to equipment failure. Traditional inspection methods are dangerous and time consuming, requiring multiple people entering the vessel and taking significant amounts of time.

Gecko’s robotic inspection teams can evaluate every inch of your digester unit internally without requiring human entry the vessel, detecting areas in need of repair.

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We believe in using the best tools for the job. That's why we build our own robots.

Meet Our Robots
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Our robots feed data to our software. Patented deliverables provide the most complete assessment and predicts future failures of your asset.

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A Gecko Robotics Inspection Provides:

1000X More Data

100% coverage of the vessel, reducing “blind spots”

No confined space entry - robot operated from outside of the unit

Eliminate the need for umbrella scaffolding

Inspection completed in less than one shift

Gathers 270+ thickness readings per square foot (2,900+ per square meter)

Collect base metal and overlay thicknesses

HD images of all areas in the unit

Reproduce the EXACT inspection across multiple years, and monitor changing conditions.

See Our Robots in Action

Learn how we provide efficient, more in-depth inspection data compared to traditional inspection.

Watch our robots inspect assets, and gather more data at greater speeds. Gecko’s intuitive platform compiles data into an intuitive, easy to read, 3D thickness map.

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