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Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Inspections

In order to process pulp, paper mills recover vital chemicals by burning black liquor in chemical recovery boilers. By combusting black liquor, the recovery boilers generate steam that’s led into a turbine, producing electricity.

Since smelt accumulates on recovery boilers’ floors, a water wall leak could result in a violent explosion if it comes into contact with the smelt bed. To prevent this, Gecko takes a multi-faceted approach.

For composite and overlaid lower furnace tubes, Gecko determines composite thickness and base metal thickness, while for carbon steel tubes, inspectors check for overall metal thickness. This helps our inspectors determine overall wear patterns throughout the furnace.

Additionally, inspectors check critical air ports and liquor nozzles due to the high probability of corrosion in those areas. This includes bent waterwall tubes around these openings.

Inspectors also check recovery boilers for under deposit corrosion (UDC) and other waterside damage, which causes pitting inside crucial water tubes. Pitting does not appear visually from the outside, making traditional inspection a needle in the haystack search.

Gecko’s Robots allow our inspectors to survey and pinpoint all under deposit corrosion in recovery boilers before leaks or explosions happen.

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We believe in using the best tools for the job. That's why we build our own robots.

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Our robots feed data to our software. Patented deliverables provide the most complete assessment and predicts future failures of your asset.

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A Gecko Robotics Inspection Provides:

1000X More Data

100% coverage of your boiler, reducing “blind spots”

Eliminate scaffolding

Inspect entire furnace in 2-3 shifts

Gathers 270+ thickness readings per foot (885 per meter) of elevation

Collect up to 6 angles on each tube

Differentiates between damage mechanisms

Collect millions of thickness measurements (A-scans) in a single shift

Reproduce the EXACT inspection across multiple years, and monitor changing conditions

Case Study:

Recovery Boiler

A paper mill in Georgia was experiencing problems with UDC on the waterside of the tubes in their boiler. Learn how Gecko prevented eventual tube failure

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