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Pressure Vessel Inspections

Gecko’s patented robots and software build large, data-dense corrosion maps of vessels and pressure equipment. We compile hundreds of thousands of thickness readings, with photos, and X-Y coordinates to give you incredibly accurate and reproducible data.

Gecko’s robotic inspection enables inspectors to collect data for the entire exposed surface of an asset. By eliminating “blind spots” and appropriately identifying laminations and corrosion, Gecko is able to help establish safe inspection intervals and decrease any chance of premature de-rating and failure.

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We believe in using the best tools for the job. That's why we build our own robots.

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Our robots feed data to our software. Patented deliverables provide the most complete assessment and predicts future failures of your asset.

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A Gecko Robotics Inspection Provides:

1000x More Data

Certified Inspection Teams (UT Levels I, II, & III - API 570)

100% coverage of your tank or vessel, reducing “blind spots”

Eliminate scaffolding

Inspect your entire tank in less than 1 shift

Gathers 150+ thickness readings per square foot (1600+ per square meter)

Differentiates between lamination and corrosion on intuitive maps

Collect millions of thickness measurements (A-scans) in a single shift

Reproduce the EXACT inspection across multiple years, and monitor changing conditions

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels require inspection every 5 years once in service, and if left unchecked can rupture.

Gecko’s ultrasonic and visual inspection robots can ride along these hard to reach areas, inspecting pressure vessels before ruptures can happen.

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