Gecko Robotic's Inspection Methods

Inspection Methods

Assets can experience a variety of damage mechanisms including wall thinning, loss of coatings, corrosion and erosion, and even corrosion under insulation.  If left unchecked, asset failures can cause safety concerns, regulatory fines, costly remediation, and an acute loss of capacity. Regularly scheduled inspections can help prevent failures, but equipment limitations and the costs of access limit the operator’s ability to identify and assess damaged areas.

Inspections with Gecko Robotics are enabled by robotic technology and implemented by highly trained NDT and API inspectors. Inspection methods performed by the Gecko Robotics Inspection Team (GRIT) acquire high density data and are visually presented in Gecko PortalTM with maintenance and RBI programs in mind.

Gecko robots are uniquely equipped to provide a number of targeted solutions. Our TOKA series can cover up to 150 square feet per minute, and can perform any of the following inspections internally, or externally.

Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding Inspection Icon

Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG)

Magnetic Induction inspection icon

Magnetic Induction

UT Inspection Icon

Ultrasonic Testing

Visual inspection icon

Visual Inspection

Laser Profilometry Inspection Icon

Laser Profilometry

Magnetic Particle Inspection Icon

Magnetic Particle

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Icon

Liquid Penetrant

PAUT Inspection Icon


AUT Inspection Icon


 Gecko Robotics combines logistical simplicity, speed, and a range of inspection strategies to provide a targeted and economical solution for asset reliability and maintenance.

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