Wall climbing robots perform non-destructive testing on tanks, boilers, scrubbers, piping and more. Using different inspection payloads, the robots can inspect wall thickness, cracking, pitting, and other forms of degradation. With continuous data capture, robots can collect 1,000x more information while also performing the inspection on average 10x faster than previous methods.

We strive to help you make data driven decisions with our robots and software, giving you the data results you need to make critical decisions on your assets.

NDE Method

  • Surface defects located via UV lights used to clearly see particles clustered toward areas of defect.

HD Camera

  • View large close-up images of any area of your asset.
  • Identified problem areas are viewable via our Gecko Vision Map delivered within 12 hours of inspection.


  • Run along the length of tubes, developing a deliverable report showing you the amount of loss each tube experiences.

8 Transducers

  • Capable of collecting UT data across 8 tubes all at once.

Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Testing

  • Probes allow for non-ferrous coating thickness testing applied to any carbon steel substrate
  • Probes act similar to an elcometer to allow pinpointing of exact thickness of a coating across any tube or vessel.

TOKA Series

Reading 3 angles simultaneously
4 HD visual cameras
60 ft/min
Improved localization sensor
Up to 96 transducers
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Used to detect external erosion
Laser profilometry
Fits into spaces as small as 1.8"
HD visual camera
Laser sensor can drop to depths of 10 feet
Uses blue laser technology

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