Piping Inspections

Piping is subject to hydrogen blistering and localized thinning from internal forces, along with the variable rate of corrosion based on the material it possesses. Failures with piping can be catastrophic; regularly scheduled visual and ultrasonic inspections are the key to preventing piping failure. 

Our robotic inspections cover every inch of piping while still in service, while giving you a clear picture of your most concerning areas, before disaster happens.

How We Do It

Our robots high quality ultrasonic testing probes gather thickness data around the complete surface of thousands of feet of piping. Moving at speeds up to 12” per second, robots can move in any direction needed to navigate the pipe by adhering magnetically, removing the need for costly scaffolding. Pipes can be inspected externally while full and in service

Why Choose Gecko For Your Piping Inspections?

  • Inspection Service Provider, Using Robotic and Manual Techniques
  • More Data; 10x Faster
  • Reduce Human Risk; Less Liability
  • Deliverable Within 24 Hours of Inspection
  • Immediate Availability

Icons for the Actionable Results - linked to pages within the technology sections that can explain more of what we can provide to them - i.e. Gecko Vision, Visual Inspections, overall tech and easibility of use

Actionable Results

Gecko Vision Map

Interactive Inspection Report
HD Video and Visual Inspection
Professional Deliverable

Actionable Findings

Is a Robotic inspection right for your asset?

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Gecko's robotic solution was faster, cheaper, and more accurate than previous methods.

Red Jones
Plant Manager at Mantiwoc Public Utilities

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