Boiler Inspections

Boilers suffer from many forms of degradation while in service. Water Wall Tubes can degrade due to hydrogen damage, pitting, ash and soot-blower erosion, graphitization, under-deposit corrosion, thermal fatigue cracking, and creep damage.

Our ultrasonic and visual inspections detect all of these forms of boiler damage through precise and accurate testing.

Robotic Inspections for Boilers

Using high quality ultrasonic testing probes, inspectors utilize robots to gather thickness data around the complete surface of each Water Wall Tube; we can service Water Wall Tubes ranging from 1’ to 4’ in outer diameter. 

Measurements are collected at different angles by an array of 8 ultrasonic sensors. With variable speeds up to 12” per second, our robots are equipped with an HD camera, allowing for real time video surveillance. Measurements are calibrated and compared with handheld scanner readings to ensure the highest accuracy

Why Choose Gecko For Your Boiler Inspections?

  • OEM and Service Provider
  • More Data; Less Time
  • Reduce Human Risk; Less Liability
  • Deliverable within 12 hours of inspection
  • Availability - Force Outages

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Actionable Results

Is a Robotic inspection right for your asset?

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Gecko Robotics is the best viable method for UT and visual inspections.

Red Jones
Plant Manager at Mantiwoc Public Utilities

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