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Power Boiler Inspections

Power Boilers Keep the Mill Operational

Power boilers and bark boilers are critical to mill operations, and ensuring their reliable operation is a significant responsibility for the utility teams at all mills.

Power boilers can fail due to damage from low water cutoffs, errors in operation, and corrosion. Power boiler failures can interrupt mill production, causing costly unplanned outages and building damage. To ensure optimal function and efficient operation, power boilers require regular inspections to check for damage, pitting, ash and soot-blower erosion, and more.

Gecko can help with all types of boilers and fuel types, including CFBs, BFBs, PC boilers, Natural Gas boilers, and more.

Gecko’s industrial inspection robots provide both ultrasonic and visual inspections, allowing our teams to detect boiler degradation before costly outages and downtime takes place.

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We believe in using the best tools for the job. That's why we build our own robots.

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Our robots feed data to our software. Patented deliverables provide the most complete assessment and predicts future failures of your asset.

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A Gecko Robotics Inspection Provides:

1000X More DAta

Certified Inspection Teams (UT Levels I, II, & III)

Mobilization in 24-48 hours 

3D thickness map of your boiler

Robotic and traditional manual inspections

An intuitive web portal for in-depth data review

Limited to no scaffolding required

70 thickness readings per linear foot (220 per meter) on average

Collect millions of thickness measurements (A-scans) in a single shift

Case Study:


Read about how a Kentucky power plant increased their data collection to help make short- and long-term decisions for their plant

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