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We believe that we win when our customers win. We do that by deeply understanding our customers’ business and how we can add value to it. Sometimes our customers may not know what they need to know to make good decisions and it is our job to educate them and respectively challenge their thinking. Throughout all of that we act with integrity, intellectual humility, and with an attitude of continuous learning. That is true of our interactions with our clients as well as each other.

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Job Openings

Dustin Strayer

Inside Sales Rep

Nash Simet

Regional Sales Manager

Preston Canada

Director of Sales, Oil & Gas

Matt Carrig

Inside Sales Rep

Clint Whitley

Sales Manager

Shawn Fornear

Manager of Operational Excellence

David Wolpa

VP of Sales

Ryan Herman

Director of Global Sales

Ivan Pistsov

International Sales Manager

David Vatz

Sales Manager

Michael-Paul Jenkins

Sales Manager

Robert Petro

Sr. Regional Sales Manager

Mike Pappas

Sales Manager

Brandon Tigges

Regional Sales Manager

Chris Wolfe

Sales Manager

Olivia Porter

Sales Operations Manager

Quinn Holub

Technical Sales Manager

David Turner

Contracts Administrator

Dave Kahan

Director of Sales, Power & Paper