Case Studies

Aboveground Storage Tank Shell

Effective UT coverage

Scanned 60 feet2
(5.6 meters2) per minute

UT readings

Collected 39
million UT readings

Money savings

Saved nearly $1 million on repair costs


  • Internal coating failure causing corrosion
  • Traditional full-coverage inspection methods require extensive downtime
  • Replacement cost for the one tank shell would cost $1.2 million


  • Full-coverage RUG inspection using TOKA® 4 robotic inspection platform
  • Gecko Portal® software


  • Full-coverage inspection completed in 2.5 shifts instead of 5 weeks for traditional AUT
  • Significant cost savings for inspection
  • No scaffolding or dedicated company resources required
  • 39 million UT readings obtained
  • Saved the refinery millions of dollars in tank replacement costs by pinpointing areas in
    need of repair

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